Common Lies Your Mechanic Might Be Telling You

There was an old Seinfeld episode that described the importance of having a good mechanic at your side, and we couldn’t agree more. In a recent CBS 10 report in Tampa Bay and Sarasota, investigators identified some of the most common lies your mechanic may be telling you. Given the amount you could pay in the garage for maintenance costs and repairs, it’s important to have someone working on your car that you can trust. Here were several of the most common lies cited in the article:


Don’t Worry about the Type of Oil You Use on Your Vehicle: The truth is, it matters both for the longevity of your vehicle and for your warranty, if you have one on your vehicle. Review the service schedule of your vehicle manual to see what type of oil is optimal for your vehicle. Make sure your mechanic knows as well.


Falling for the Hype: If your mechanic emphasizes that you must get a repair completed as soon as possible, you might want to get a second opinion just in case. Many consumer advocates say that you should follow your service schedule when you find no other issues with the car such as overheating or steering column vibrating for example. Obviously, things like this do need immediate attention, but you may not want to fork over a ton of money until you get a second opinion for other instances where an issue is not evident to you.


The Repair Cost More than We Anticipated: This can happen, so by no means does this mean that your mechanic is dishonest. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of cost from whatever store or manufacturer they are purchasing the part from. You can also do your own research and, if you know your mechanic is charging you much more for a part, bring it to his attention so that the matter can be resolved.


eTags, a web service provider of vehicle registration renewals,  also writes about tips for potential, new, and experienced vehicle owners for topics that range from tips on maintenance to insurance to buying a car and how to get the most and have the best experience. The company would suggest that you aim to get the same from your mechanic. Keep these and other concerns from the report in mind to determine whether or not you have the best mechanic to do work under the hood of your vehicle.

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standing in line


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